TAITO-KU in Tokyo is a place where you can find some of Japan’s foremost sight-seeing areas located mainly in Ueno, Asakusa, and Yanaka, where everyone can experience the ambience of old Tokyo’s lifestyle and culture. Since the olden days, many artisans and traders have gathered in this culturally vibrant district, which has continued to thrive as a genuine old downtown Tokyo, filled with people’s touch.

While situated in the interior of the Tokyo Metropolis, many people flock here to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Japan during the changing of seasons. It is also well-known for sponsoring a great variety of cultural events annually, such as Yabusame (horseback archery), Sanja Festival, Asagao Matsuri (Morning Glory Festival), Fireworks Festival at Sumida River, Samba Festival, and Tori no Ichi (open-air market).

Established in 2004 at Tokyo City’s Taito Ward Office, the Taito-ku Film Commission aims to introduce to film makers the abundant resources of images that can be derived from this district. After it was established, the Film Commission has assisted in creating hundreds of film images for TV dramas, travel programs, documentaries, and many more, and has acquired the necessary know-how on this field.

We, at the Taito-ku Film Commission invite all film makers to visit our district.


The Taito-ku Film Commission does not provide any incentive such as special treatment for taxation and extras castings. The authority that this Film Commission is entitled to is limited only to issuing approval to matters related to filming within the Taito-ku area.

The Taito-ku FC is a Film Commission that is deeply rooted in the said district. Owing to the film support that it has done in the past, the commission has already accumulated a variety of information related to this old Tokyo downtown. For this reason, the commission offers services, as follows: free consultation for planning, scenario and location hunting, a staff to accompany you to the location site, and distribution of printed materials.

Taito-ku Film Commission
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